Coach, Fighter


Being an athlete for over 20 years, Pete knows his way around hard training, pushing through barriers and discipline. Pete is known for his phenomenal engine and grit which partly explains his running times! He’s competed at national level in athletics, including long distance national championships. At one time, Pete was no. 1 in the UK for 5mile racing, no. 2 in the UK for 5km and no.8 for 3km!

Pete thrives when it comes to pushing himself and dealing with the discomfort, both psychological and physical, that comes from training, be that from hard long runs, core stability, cold exposure or hard rounds in both MMA and Jiu Jitsu. However, he also knows the body’s limits and keeps a number one rule in mind – “train smart to avoid injury and illness”.

Pete is another one of the big characters at Kraken, who loves working with people, helping to create a happy, warm and fun environment whilst always maintaining a positive attitude!