Sim has been training martial arts for over a decade now. During this time he has competed in many competitions in both Judo and Sambo across the UK and abroad. He’s currently holds his Level 2 BSF Sambo Coaching certification and a BJJ purple belt.


In 2017 Sim received his BJA (British Judo Association) Black Belt by earning and winning a line up (win 5 fights consecutively by Ippon against other fighters also competing for their Dan grade).


Sim has been coaching MMA since 2014 to kids and adults of all abilities ranging from students wanting to get beach ready to fighters preparing to get into the cage to fight.


As well as the grappling arts, Sim also specialises in Strength and Conditioning using mainly Bodyweight Calisthenics and Kettlebells. He holds his level 3 in personal training and is widely considered by many as the best PT’s in Bedford.


Sim also enjoys tackling the more extreme Obstacle Course Races and other endurance events. Running up and around mountains is the place you’re likely find him when he’s not in the gym.