Fighter, Head Coach




Since childhood Darren has had a great interest in martial arts and health in general. At the age of 10 he started training judo and regularly competed. At 11 he competed in the IBF European Championship in Belgium, winning silver. He started boxing at 17 and fought for the final time in this discipline in 2014. Shortly after stopping boxing, fascination drove him to take his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class…He fell in love with it.


He’s now an NS Brotherhood brown belt and regularly competes at a high level, becoming English champion in 2016, again in November 2017, British Nogi Champion (‘Advanced’ division) in 2018 and NAGA UK Champion also in 2018.

MMA was an obvious transition, enabling him to combine his striking and grappling experience. After training MMA for a couple of years he was offered a job as an MMA coach and has never looked back. This is where he began nurturing his interest in the mechanical science behind fighting techniques.

He continues to regularly train and compete in MMA, BJJ, grappling and Judo representing Kraken MMA.

Personal trainer
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