Questions you should be asking any prospective martial arts school.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes all areas of the gym and coaches are fully insured.

  • Do you have a child protection policy?

    Yes all our staff our DBS checked and we have a written policy which all staff are trained.

  • I’ve never done anything before, is this right for me?

    We have a wealth of experience coaching people from absolute beginners.

  • Why MMA and not a traditional martial art?

    MMA combines the most effective parts of all other martial arts. If a technique doesn’t work its not incorporated into MMA teachings.

  • I’m worried about sparring, is it compulsory?

    No its not, although we believe all techniques should be tested against a resisting opponent, this is only when you are ready and comfortable to do so.

  • I just want to get fit, should I just join a gym?

    Our fitness classes are taught by martial art experts. They’ll get you as fit as any gym session, why not pick up some self-defense skills on the way.

  • I’ve heard a lot about fake coaches, is this true?

    Unfortunately this is a common problem within MMA. People assume that you can combine any two random martial arts and it becomes ‘mixed’. Not all martial arts are equal, the term black belt has been diluted so much, it can no longer be relied on.

  • Are your staff experienced?

    All of our coaches have been training and competing in MMA for a number of years, not just relying on the experience of the head coach.

  • What hygiene standards does Kraken adhere to?

    We believe that any full time gym should have the mats thoroughly cleaned daily and the facilities maintained to a high standard. Failure to up keep these standards can lead to various problems such as skin infections ringworm and staph namely. Any gym should be able to produce a cleaning schedule and products details.

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