Junior MMA Grading

  • 25.03.2023
  • 09:30 - 14:00
  • £20

We’re at the end of the current cycle of the Kraken junior MMA curriculum and have covered another set of techniques from all aspects of MMA fighting and self defence. It’s time to put the kids to the test and give them the chance to be rewarded for the progress with a new belt and the chance to show-off their skills to family and friends!

Please come into the gym to register your child for the next Junior Grading on Saturday 25th March. Registration is £20 (cash only please). Registration deadline is strictly Sunday 19th March. I’m afraid that we will not be able to accept any registrations after this date as we have to order the belts and sort the certificates etc.

Times are as follows:

  • Fundamental MMA: 9:30am – 11am
  • Core MMA: 11am – 1pm
  • Cadets MMA: 1pm – 3pm

Please ensure that all children adhere to our gym etiquette policy and bring any protective equipment necessary. Any missing items are available for purchase within the gym.

All parents/guardians are encouraged to come and show your support and see your child’s/children’s’ progress! Please take this opportunity to join us upstairs. Please ensure that no footwear whatsoever is on the mats and that anybody exiting the mat places their feet straight into footwear waiting off of the mat. Other than that, enjoy, smile and feel free to share any pics showing off your kids progress and achievements!

Catch-up Grading will be on Saturday 1st April alongside junior MMA class (time to follow) for any students that didn’t quite get their stripes in time or that didn’t manage to pass on the main grading day. As usual, coaches will help them out with any techniques that they are struggling with.

See you there!


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