Junior MMA – “Core”




Once the MMA fundamentals are learnt and/or the children are a bit older, they then progress to a broader and more detailed “Core” curriculum.

These sessions are tailored to suit the child’s age, learning ability and current skill set, whether they have no experience in martial arts whatsoever or have been training for many years. We are very enthusiastic about not only helping them to learn how to defend themselves but also in building their character.

We can also help them fill in possible holes in their self-defence that perhaps a previous martial art didn’t cover; specifically focusing on making them ‘bullyproof’. The main aspects that we cover are striking, take-downs, grappling and submissions, to enable the student to have a well-rounded self-defence ability rather than focusing on just one aspect.

Of course, these will be coached in an age and ability appropriate manner. Our one rule is that the sessions must be fun! We strongly believe that the most important factor in a child’s development is that they enjoy themselves and therefore remain enthusiastic and focused.