Fighting Fit




Fighting Fit is the most dynamic session you’re ever going to come across! This non-contact 1 hour session is full of energy, adrenaline, high tempo music and sweat! You will be punching, kicking, lifting, throwing and moving like a real MMA athlete.

We’ll teach you the same techniques that competitors use in combat so you can let loose on the bags, get a killer workout, de-stress and get Fighting Fit without getting hit back!

Fighting Fit really is a calorie furnace making you lean, mean and feeling strong in no time. A typical session will include stand up rounds of Boxing and Kickboxing as well as ground rounds using Jiu Jitsu and ground and pound techniques. To top it off you will get a few rounds of kettlebells which go hand in hand with martial arts and shedding body fat.

Fighting Fit is suitable for anyone from absolute beginners to competitors. Every beginner will be helped with all techniques from the very start and will be made to feel completely welcome and at home. You will be surprised how quickly you pick things up and have new beginners looking your way for inspiration.

Anyone with martial arts experience will also get a tough workout as our coaches here at Kraken are very experienced in a range of martial arts and have taken part in any array of competitions. Whatever your level, our coaches will push you to you limits.

Warning…Fighting Fit is guaranteed to leave you feeling badass!