Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)




BJJ originally evolved with a goal of being able to control and subdue an opponent without having to hurt them. It has also been designed to use technique and leverage rather than brute strength, again making it perfectly suitable for the younger, smaller person.

You could be forgiven for describing BJJ in its’ simplest terms as being ‘MMA without striking’. This therefore also makes this a perfect class for those that train MMA but are wanting an extra class to help them improve on their MMA grappling and submission techniques.

Students will be graded as they progress, within a grading system that is recognised worldwide! BJJ, without doubt, has the most respected belt system in the martial arts world. With the average blue belt (first adult belt after white) having the skills to defend themselves against blackbelts in many other martial arts.

Competing in BJJ, although absolutely optional, is highly recommended here at Kraken. Especially for our junior students. This is for two reasons. The first being that if a student’s goal is to eventually compete in MMA, then a BJJ competition is the perfect environment to get used to a fully resisting opponent and the pressures of competing without being punched in the face (to put it brutally). We are well aware of how much of a sensitive factor sparring and eventually competing is, especially to children. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way for juniors to prepare, providing one of the best bases possible for MMA. The second reason is that the best preparation to defend yourself one can get is testing your skills against a fully resisting opponent.

*these classes are for children eligible for the “MMA Cadets” or via personal invite only. If experienced in BJJ but younger then please contact us first 🙂