Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)




MMA is widely considered the pinnacle of fighting styles as it is not governed by history, hanging on to techniques for the sake of tradition. This is the case for many ‘traditional’ martial arts. MMA is in fact extremely new as far as martial arts are concerned and utilises techniques from a wide range of fighting styles. These techniques are then tried and tested against fully resisting opponents within the cage and if a technique doesn’t work then it is simply forgotten about.

Due to the age of MMA, it is constantly evolving as a martial art as people are constantly discovering more effective techniques, counters and tactics. This makes it perhaps the most exciting martial art to be involved in.

Amongst others, the main martial arts that MMA derives it’s techniques from are Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Sambo, Judo and Karate.
Our MMA program is designed to cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts from striking, wrestling/grappling, ground work, submissions, clinch, cage wall work and controlled technical sparring.

If you truly want to have the best chance of defending yourself or simply want to keep fit, supple and healthy whilst learning a complete functional set of skills then MMA is an amazing choice!

Unfortunately, a few people wrongly assume that MMA is a brutal, barbaric sport. We strive to debunk this myth. We have a great squad of friendly people from beginners to advanced in skill, a wide mixture of ages including both male and females. We also put a strong emphasis on ‘intelligent sparring’ within our standard MMA classes and will not tolerate any big egos or uncontrolled sparring. Therefore, rest assured that you will enjoy your experience from your very first day.