Junior Sparring




The junior sparring classes at Kraken are chance for any invited kids to test their skills learnt in class against a resisting opponent, but in a safe and controlled manner, which will greatly increase their abilities and growth as a martial artist.

MMA is different then many other martial arts in the fact that all techniques are tested against a resisting opponent, which is not the case in many martial arts. Even though all kids’ classes we teach include sparring, this class is a purely sparring orientated and does not include any technical drilling.

It allows the invited kids to test themselves by using punches, kicks, takedowns, clinch, cage wall, grappling techniques and submissions, but without the risk of getting hurt. This is due to the emphasis we have on control during sparring and the use of safety equipment.

This safety equipment that must be worn includes: 7oz gloves, shin guards, groin guards and gum shields.